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From technical advisory services to expert asset management, we are committed to a future driven by clean technology. 

We are your GREEN Partner.

We’re not just environmental consultants, we’re your partners in progress, offering a comprehensive range of services to empower businesses and communities to embrace sustainability.

Climate Solutions

Challenge: Businesses face increasing scrutiny regarding their environmental impact. Climate change regulations and consumer demand for sustainable practices are driving the need for proactive solutions.

Our Approach

We offer a comprehensive suite of climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. From carbon footprint assessments to renewable energy integration, we help businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience against climate change impacts.
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Green Products and Projects

Challenge: Traditional products and infrastructure often contribute to environmental degradation. Businesses and communities need access to eco-friendly alternatives.

Our Approach

We offer a diverse range of green products and project management services, including the provision of eco-friendly alternatives for everyday items like water-saving fixtures and the implementation of sustainable construction practices for new buildings.
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Water and Environmental Management

Challenge: Water scarcity and pollution are significant environmental concerns across Africa.

Our Approach

We furnish comprehensive water and environmental management solutions, encompassing water treatment systems, wastewater treatment solutions, and environmental monitoring services to assess and mitigate potential pollution risks.
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Low-Carbon Energy

Challenge: Fossil fuels significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Approach

We facilitate businesses in making the transition to low-carbon energy sources by installing solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
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Resource Reuse

Challenge: Conventional waste management practices often lead to landfills overflowing with recyclable materials.

Our Approach

We present a variety of resource reuse solutions, encompassing waste-to-energy programs, composting services, and responsible disposal of hazardous materials.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleanearth Scientific is now Cleanearth.

Cleanearth is evolving beyond just environmental monitoring. We're now a comprehensive clean technology company, offering a wider range of solutions to help businesses achieve sustainable industrial growth.

We recognize that sustainability is no longer optional. Clean technology offers a strategic advantage, helping businesses reduce environmental impact, improve resource efficiency, and build climate resilience.

We are a leading clean technology company in Africa, with a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the local context. We offer a unique combination of expertise, technology, and local knowledge to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Clean technology refers to any innovation or process that helps protect the environment, while ensuring economic growth and social development. It encompasses renewable energy, resource efficiency, and pollution reduction technologies.

Clean technology can offer significant cost savings in the long run. Reduced water consumption, waste management optimization, and energy efficiency all contribute to lower operational costs. Additionally, Cleanearth can help you identify potential funding sources for clean technology implementation.

The implementation timeframe varies depending on the specific solution and your company's needs. Cleanearth works closely with you to develop a phased implementation plan that minimizes disruption and ensures a smooth transition.

We believe in long-term partnerships. Cleanearth provides ongoing support and technical expertise to ensure the success of your clean technology journey. We'll monitor progress, provide data analysis, and help you adapt and optimize your solutions as needed.

Potentially! Cleanearth is constantly innovating. If you have a specific sustainability challenge, let's discuss it. We may have a solution or can help you develop one.


We aim for open collaboration.

By forming a partnership with Cleanearth, you gain access to a dedicated team of experts who are capable of guiding you through the ever-changing landscape of sustainability.

Together, we can nurture a cleaner, greener future for Africa’s businesses and communities.

Speak with an Associate today! Let's transform the world together.